“I am an Ironman athlete that has been competing in triathlon for about 3 years. To take my fitness to the next level, I decided to incorporate strength training into my regimen, particularly during the off season, as it lays a strong foundation for swimming, biking, and running and prevents injuries. Christine has been a tremendous help in conditioning my entire body so that I can endure the trials of triathlon training without injury. After qualifying for the Ironman World Championship at Ironman Louisville, I am excited to compete in Kona on the Big Stage – thank you Christine for helping me get to this point!”

-Matthew Bach

Sky Club Fitness 24/7 is not like your average gym. One of the 1st things that caught my eye was the cleanliness of the entire facility. All of the equipment is up to date and i have never had an issue with obtaining a treadmill or any other piece of equipment. The staff is friendly and helpful. Classes are fun and well scheduled. The trainers and instructors are professional, experienced and encouraging. Probably most important is that it is not an intimidating environment. There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes!

– Christine