Personal Training

Our personal training is private. Our trainers give you their complete attention. We pride ourselves on making sure that we meet each one of our clients needs on a personal level. We have a variety of highly qualified Personal Trainers that we can match to your needs. We understand that your goals may differ from others and make it our priority to ensure you reach your personal goals. We offer one on one, partner training as well as small group.



While you’re training would you prefer Intimate or Distant, Focused or Chaotic? The larger facilities are intimidating and can be overwhelming, with the range of equipment that is simply bewildering, the number of trainers and trainees on the floor distracting, and the same old workout offered becomes all together frustrating, at SKYCLUB we use our space and equipment more effectively and plan each of your workouts based on your progress and your goals. We want to ensure you receive a training session that is good for your body and your soul.


We treat each of our clients as individuals and do not use cookie cutter training methods. We listen to your individual needs and customize your workout in order to help you achieve maximum results.


Our trainers come with a wide variety of education backgrounds and hands on work experience in the Fitness industry. Many of our trainers are educated in special populations and each of our trainers receives continuing education credits yearly to ensure we provide you with the highest level of training possible.

Number of Sessions Individual(1) Price Partner(2) Price Group(4) Price
36 $2160 $2520 $2880
24 $1560 $1920 $2160
16 $1120 $1360 $1520
12 $900 $1080 $1200
8 640 760 840